Aiman Khan Shared Pictures with her Daughter Amal Muneeb

Aiman Khan shared her First Picture with her Daughter Amal Muneeb.

Aiman Khan’s Mother Uzma Mubeen with her grand daughter

,previously she said that she will share pictures in few days and now she shared the picture for her fans still its not a proper face pictures but she will share more pictures soon.May Allah bless you both with good health.

The beautiful expression of disclosing the beautiful couple’s fans of the good news that baby Amal Muneeb has come to this world. Most probably this is the most loved and most awaited baby from the most loved and adored Pakistani celebrity couple of the era Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt.

Both mommy and daddy of the most beloved child of these days Amal Muneeb looking extremely happy while holding their new born for the first time. That happiness cannot be compared to any other happiness in the world.

Muneeb Butt captured with his new born having the best time of his life. The father’s love for his daughter is always selfless and purest than all the loves exist in the world.

Both the sisters Aiman Khan and Minal Khan having quality time with their mother. We can also say that after becoming a mother herself Aiman Khan wants to shower utmost love and respect to her mother to express her thankfulness and gratitude.

We wish the cutest newborn Amal Muneeb a very happy and blessed life full of blessings. We also wish Aiman and Muneeb Butt all the best of luck for their future undertakings in both personal and professional life.

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