Ary News Anchor Maria Memon with her Husband in Italy

Ary News Anchor Maria Memon enjoying holidays with her Husband Umar Riaz  in Italy.

Maria Memon journalist, newscaster, currently working as an anchor for ARY News. Before joining media, she graduated with a degree in software engineering from Hamdard University.she got married to Govt employee (CSS Ofiicer) Umar Riaz in 2017.currently she is with her husband in Europe for vacations.

This picture is giving an insight to their beautiful husband wife relationship. Although a lot of controversy was observed when they both got married but this is like a shut up call to all the haters out there that they are still together and very happy and indeed have an amazing bond.

Maria Memon relishing the beauty of the nature and calm and extremely soothing water view. It seems as if she is a great admirer of natural beauty.

This picture represents how memorable Maria’s trip to Italy is. She seems to be enjoying every moment of her expedition.

Her husband Umer Riaz is enjoying his ice cream by posing as if he does not care about anything else and wants to enjoy only his ice cream like anything.

The couple has been captured visiting Italy’s monuments.

This broad smile on his face shows the happiness of this beautiful bond with his wife. Both the husband and wife seem to be having fun to the fullest on their trip.

This is a cute come brave couple who had to face the height of criticism even on the very first day of their wedding. They are an absolute example of true love and truthfulness, that they ignored all the hatred and supported each other to make things work according to their desires. Much love to this couple!

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