Best On-Screen Couples of Pakistani Dramas

On-screen couples are the most important phenomenon to be seen in dramas as it can make a project watch worthy or can completely tarnish it. The chemistry of these couples is the pillar on which the whole building stands.If the on-screen couple looks beautiful & charming together with a strong chemistry then there are high chances that the certain project is going to achieve the target of being one of the hit list dramas of the year. Her is the list of some most loved best on-screen of Pakistani dramas 2019.

Naina&Zaid (WoMeraDilTha)

Madiha Imam & Sami khan looked absolutely amazing together. The story of this couple was the most unique & attractive to the audience. The way they meet each other & the plot is carried is simply amazing. This couple never fails to win the hearts of their fans no matter what. The overall drama was superb but without any doubt this beautiful couple was the main attraction why people used to tune in every week right on time as they didn’t want to miss a single scene of this couple.

Abeer&Raheel (Khudgharz)

Abeer&Raheel’s couple became so popular as soon as the further aspects of the drama were unfolded & they finally got married in a hostile condition. Raheel’s unconditional love for Abeer from the very beginning till the end was the main element that kept the dignity of love alive in the hearts of many out there. The couple proved to be the exemplary one right after they tied the knot. In the concluding episodes we could see thatRaheel made his lady love to forget every bit of her pathetic past by showering his absolute love upon her. Mansha Pasha & Salman Saeed looked great together throughout as their chemistry was absolutely up to the mark.

Aairah&Junaid (Khudgharz)

Most probably the most loved couple of year 2018 Junaid&Aairah rocked the drama industry with their most realistic characters. No doubt the credit goes to Amina Sheikh & Syed Jibran for making this couple even more captivating for the viewers than it could actually had been. This couple became everything for each other from actually nothing & their love became so immortal that Aairah died with the gap of one day not bearing the death of Junaid. The never ending sorrows of this most beautiful couple were put to an end this way.

Samrah&Sarang (Pukaar)

YumnaZaidi&Zahid Ahmed are fast friends already what makes it even easier for them to have the needed on-screen chemistry as a couple. This couple was loved immensely after Zara YaadKar& the audience was waiting anxiously to see them again together. Pukaar was a much awaited drama right after its first trailer got released. Although the couple didn’t have many scenes together but the ongoing chemistry that they had in the limited scenes wasn’t less than a treat to its viewers.

Arsal&Jiya (SunoChanda)

Arsal&Jiya’s couple got fame as soon as the first episode was aired. It was a romantic comedy & people loved it thoroughly. The slow shift from hate to love story was the most delicious piece of the cake. The prompt dialogue delivery & the ultimate chemistry made this couple stand out in this list. The story was a unique one & so were its characters. FarhanSaeed&Iqra Aziz gave their best as Arsal&Jiya& the audience adored this couple the most. The drama was written beautifully leaving no room for criticism.

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