Best Onscreen Drama Leads of Pakistani Dramas

Best onscreen drama roles are those roles which are quite unique and  natural in themselves that we can easily connect ourselves to those roles one way or the other. Mostly the roles which get fame are lifelike roles and  people start relating their life stories with them easily. In year 2018 there were a lot of roles from different dramas which won the hearts of millions of people through their ultimate negative capability to get into their given role in the best possible way. Here is the list of the best onscreen roles of Pakistani dramas 2018.

Safeena (MeriGuriya)

Safeena was the most positive female role of the year. She was the one who used to stand up straight for the right no matter how hard the situation was. She was outstanding throughout. She was forced into an unwanted marriage by her parents just because she wanted to be an international player and  they got scared that she won’t ever be able to be accepted by any boy if once she gets into it. She tried to save her marriage in multiple ways even after knowing the hostile nature of her husband. She was the strongest figure shown on TV last year as she unveiled the real and  cruel face of her husband. Sonya Hussyn did the utmost justice to this role.

Shehnaz (MeriGuriya)

Shehnaz the mother of the little girl who was murdered after got rapped, was amongst the list of best roles Pakistani drama industry witnessed the last year. The relationship between a mother and  her daughters was highlighted and  it was also underscored that how an intruder can ruin someone even after making multiple security measures for your daughters. Shehnaz was a very poor woman but didn’t give up when it came to the justice for her daughter. She was offered great deals many times which she didn’t even spit on. She was shown as the most dedicated and  steady role towards her cause. SaniaSaeed performed this role with poise and  gave many ill-fated mothers like her the food for thought and  the reason to stand firm with their cause.

Junaid (Khudgharz)

The best depiction of truthfulness, Junaid’s role was that of a person who spends all of his life under hostile conditions due to unwanted and  unavoidable favors of his uncle. Since his childhood he became a person who is mature enough to let go harsh words and  ill-treatment for no good reason. He grew up like this and  was habitual of letting things go no matter what. But a very good change was seen when ithis all came to his wife as he stood stern and  strict to protect her by going out of the boundaries. Syed Jibran was a great choice for this role.

Aairah (Khudgharz)

Aairah was shown as a very strong woman who knew how to speak out her opinions in an acceptable way. This might be because it was her job as well since she was a psychiatrist and  it was her job to play with words and  relax the minds of her patients. Aairah went through the hardest journey of her life after getting married to a totally unexpected person right on her wedding day. Although she loved her husband in the best probable way yet her life journey proved to be the shortest as soon as she tied the love knot with her husband. This role has been written in a beautiful way and  has been fabulously by the most talented Amina Sheikh.


A role who knows no condition to love and  protect someone by going against the boards Raheel was simply the best throughout. He knew that the girl whom he love secretly is already married and  is a part of an abusive relationship but this truth also couldn’t keep him from loving her unconditionally. He is the best form of a man who can do anything for the love of his life even if it costs his own life. Audience absolutely loved Raheels’s role as it is the most loved and  fantastic role everyone wants to get in their life. Salman Saeed performed this role in a beautiful manner and  people want to see him more and  more after this one.

Omar (Khudgharz)

This was a role which tells us the reality of human life which is ‘nothingness’. It is a role shift from being rude and  proud to the most softhearted and  down to earth person. He is the one who learnt from his mistakes but sadly enough it was too late for his loved ones. He lost every beautiful relation and  then gained the wisdom that is necessary to lead a balanced life. This role then influenced the other most rude and  destructive role of the drama. YasirNawaz was the best ever choice for this gentleman role doubtlessly.

Sunny (Lashkara)

Sunny was the most dedicated and  devoted role of the year. He has been shown as the symbol of loyalty and  true love that is hard to find these days. After being badly hurt by losing her beloved, he went through an emotional rollercoaster ride and  finally regained his steady nature once he saw the unending sufferings of his beloved. Imran Ashraf as always filled the role with the peak of emotions and  let the audience fall in love with this role as selflessly as he was for his lady love in the drama.


This was the most amusing role in the super hit play SunoChanda. Shahana’s dialogues were written in a very pleasing manner that regardless of the situation she sounded the best throughout the drama. Audience loved her utmost fluency in Punjabi as it makes it even funny to watch comedy being carried in Punjabi language. Audience loved this role throughout due to her prompt and  funny dialogue delivery. Nadia Afghan did great justice with her role.

Mumtaz Begum (SunoChanda)

Mumtaz Begum in SunoChanda was as much a wise head of the family as was Abba Jee from Angan. She was a fun making head and  was in very good terms with her family; be it her sons or her daughters in law. She was shown an intelligent lady and  this unique role was performed in a brilliant way by Ma’am Sameena Ahmed without adding the unnecessary exaggerations to her role.

Nadia (Dar Si JatiHaiSila)

This unexpected and  sudden entry was the loveliest thing ever happened in this drama. She worked as the mouth piece of audience and  gave the real insight of how a person especially girls should be like in most of the things. She was least hypocrite unlike all other roles in Dar Si JatihaiSila who never made compromise on anything she found should be addressed. People fell in love with this role the most since this was the most upright role and  gave everyone the needed courage to speak their heart. This role also tells you that nobody can suppress or oppress you if you are willing enough to live a life full of self-respect and  righteousness.

Zaini (Dar Si JatiHaiSila)

Zaini in Dra Si JatiHaiSila was phenomenal as it gave the feeling of fresh air in a completely dark and  lifeless place. she was shown a strong girl who can speak out her heart any time she thinks she is on right. There was a million miles difference between the personalities of two girls of the same age grown up at the same place Silaand Zaini. The reason behind Zaini’s strength was her father’s utmost support and  so was vice versa. This was the strongest message given to all the fathers that it is in their hands to make their daughters or destroy them by providing them with the moral support they deserve. Money has been shown as a secondary element towards happiness. AmnaMalick’s marvelous acting skills made this role more interesting 7 motivating for many out there.

Tariq (Visaal)

Tariq’s role shows that one can still do something out of the pager even if he is considered weak and  below average in the eyes of this world. From the supporter of antagonist to the savior of antagonist Tariq showed the real shift of role if you have got a reason to live and  stand for right. The ending of the drama defines his role in the most beautiful way that he doesn’t even care for his life anymore when it came to uprightness.

Akram (Visaal)

Akram was a role of its own kind. Although not intentionally but he kept on creating fuss one after the other in the life of his lady love. He wasn’t a bad man but his approach towards achieving his goals was absolutely unjustified. He had definitely got leadership qualities and  could knit a plan in no time regarding the intensity of situation. It was the most unique role in itself as he was the leading but the most hated role since the beginning of the drama. Later on he got the sympathy of the audience up to some extent as well but he was never loved as he made the life of the protagonist who was his lady love too, more than destructive. Zahid Ahmad always gives his 100% and  for this role he was the best choice.

Abba G (Aangan)

Abba jee’s role was the real life of this drama as he lead the family in a very mannered and  seasoned way which many elders now a days lack in. He wasn’t an imposing personality rather he used to listen to others first before making a decision against or for them which is something just amazing as the head of the family. He wasn’t unnecessarily strict or rude. In fact he always kept things quote light in his own way to avoid any mess in the family. Sir Qawwi as always did the best job as Abba Jeeand  proved himself the one and  only of his kind.

Sajjad (Aangan)

The eldest son of the family, Sajjad was just the best in every relation be it son, be it brother, be it husband, or be it father. He never made any mistake in his relationships no matter what. He was considered as the mainstay of his family on which everyone used to rely. That is why on his very sudden death the most shocked and  emotional reactions were seen. Without a shadow of doubt, Noor ul Hassan did absolute justice with this role.

Hajra (Aangan)

Hajra’s role in Angan was so full of life that it was really hard to consider her wronged even when she was regarding her son’s choice. She was a lady of traditions and  righteousness at the same time. Although she was ‘GharkibariBahu’ but she never misused her strength at all. The way Irsa Ghazal performed as Hajra makes this role even amazing and  life like. She showed all the positive sides of a human being including her harshness and  rude attitude at times as well which used to last shortly.

Laila (Aangan)

Laila’s role was the most organized role in the drama as she was quite clear in her mind and  knew her do’s and  don’ts really well. She was shown as an infertile woman who could bear no child but she still proved herself and  conveyed the message that a woman doesn’t need a child always for the completion of her persona if Almighty has deprived her of this trait. She was the specimen of strength and  bravery that even when her husband grassed on her; she held control of herself shortly after that and  decided to live her life on her own. Iffat Omar performed this role really well.

Sajjad (ZunMureed)

A very relatable and  life like role Sajjad stood for almost 90% of men in our society who think that they are superior to women just because of their gender. The drama also deals with the aspects which brought this superiority complex in the nature of men in a male chauvinistic society like ours. Upbringing has been shown as the basic element for getting such mentality on nerves which leaves no space for a man to live a balanced life. But the shift of Sajjad’s role with the passage of time was the best thing ever happened in this dramas he got realized his mistakes and  misdemeanor as well. Omar Rana like always did the best justice to his role and  made it stand out in this list too.

Tabassum (ZunMureed)

Tabassum the main role of the drama was shown as the strongest and  most rational lady who was the best specimen of beauty with brains. She not only knew the household but also was a working woman and  was helping her husband out in every possible way though she never got appreciated the way she should had been. Being the protagonist of the drama she never failed to surprise the audience by not compromising on her dignity no matter how tough the situation was and  this trait also made the drama a bit unrealistic as it is generally not possible for a lady to resist even when she had the chance to mend the things in a short time. Nadia Khan tried her best to carry out the role although she wasn’t enough captivating in this role.

Fari (ZunMureed)

Fari was another role in the list of the strongest ones in this drama as she never failed to guide her sister to make her understand her value being a woman. She was shown as an utmost feminist who knew no compromise when it came to dignity and  self-respect. Fatima Shah did the best with this role and  gave the message that if one sticks to his ideals it is not difficult to lead a balanced life full of dignity and  honor.

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