Five Things You Dont Know about Actress Naimal Khawar Khan

Five Things You Dont Know about Bride to be Actress Naimal Khawar Khan

Naimal Khawar is a Pakistani actress. She made her acting debut with 2017 film Verna. In 2019, she portrayed a role of Izza in Hum TV’s romantic drama Anaa.

She Born in Pakistan, to a Pathan father and a Persian mother, she grew up in Islamabad.

She is currently engaged to actor Hamza Ali Abbasi. The couple is set to get married on August 25th 

A National College of Arts graduate, being a visual artist and painter, with her art thesis being about the transgender community and who has had a solo exhibition of her paintings as well, she did some theater in college but never thought of pursuing acting seriously before being “randomly discovered” by Shoaib Mansoor’s team, when they saw a photo of her on Instagram.She then made her film debut in 2017 with Shoaib Mansoor’s movie Verna.

 In 2018, she appeared in the celebrity talkshow Mazaaq Raat along with Sohail Sameer. In 2019, she made her television debut with a lead role in Hum TV’s Anaa

here is some art work of Talented Naimal Khawar 

I remember the day I first started using palette knife, I instantly fell in love with it. I just couldn’t enjoy a paintbrush in my hand after that.
So here’s a 18×24 oil painting completely done with a palette knife. It’s more rough up close and looks best from a distance
P.S This is the last horse painting from my series.

Now that all my pieces are gone, I often think that it’s such a strange feeling when you spend months upon months locked up in a tiny studio with nothing but your creativity being projected onto canvas. The frustration, the impatience, the long days, and even longer nights. And then coming out in front of the world and having your work go to new homes, to new walls and strange eyes. As artists, of any medium, we pour our heart and soul into our art before we give it to the world. In that sense it is for me the most selfless, most vulnerable profession, where you allow the world to see all your emotions, all your scars, in the form of art.

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