Hamza Ali Abbasi with his Wife Naimal Khawar in Nathia Gali

They are one of the few celebrities who have chosen to honeymoon in Pakistan.

Naimal Khawar posted pictures on Instagram of Nathia Gali’s gorgeous scenery, as well as pictures of the happy couple themselves.

They Stayed at Alpine Hotel in Nathia Gali the manager posted about their stay,

Look who dropped by at the Miranjani Grill today.The extremely talented and dedicated actor and social activist Mr. Hamza Ali Abbasi .We are beyond thrilled to welcome you at the Alpine Hotel Nathia Gali and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


Naimal Khawar in a Beautiful Dress.The two got married earlier last month on August 25 in a simple wedding ceremony, followed by a Valima reception on August 26.

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