Latest Beautiful Pictures of Hina Altaf

Latest Beautiful Pictures of Hina Altaf.she said People hate you for a lot of reasons Maybe they don’t think same as you. They have different perceptions and mindsets. At times they even Send hate for useless reasons.  How do you smile … what are you wearing ! What kind of colour is this ! You woke up late ! You talk so much ! Your laughter is terrible ! You need to grow up ! You have too many friends ! You are too isolated ! You need to marry now ! Omg this is too early to marry ! Why the white car why not red.

we humans keep adjusting with people and their perceptions. I REALIZED WITH TIME… only thing that matters is… Not to hurt someone which I eventually learned with time… I am not perfect NO ONE IS… You learn you evolve you change.. every single day… Be the best you can and enjoy.




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