Latest Beautiful Pictures of Reema in USA

Latest Beautiful Pictures of Reema in USA at different events with her husband.

Reema Khan is and will always be a huge name of Pakistani entertainment industry. Reema chose a heart surgeon, Dr. Tariq Shahab who lives in the USA as her life partner and currently lives with him in USA.

This picture tells it all that why Reema Khan has always been known as fashion icon of all the times ever since she entered the industry.

That pose full of style, beauty and elegance at a place is the thing that makes her what she is known for; one of the most beautiful women of the era.

This could only be expected from a patriot like Reema Khan to flaunt her utmost beauty in her own cultural look in the streets of USA.

Reema Khan found celebrating her birthday with her husband and family and friends in the USA.



Both the legends and the pride of Pakistan Reema Ji and Atif Aslam look beautiful posing together in USA.

Some recent photoshoot pictures

Outfit by: XPOSE by Shoaib & Awais

Featuring: Reema Khan

photographer:Najam Mehmood

Concept & Choreography: Shoaib Hasen

Set Design: Awais Hassan Khan

In this attire, Reema Ji looks completely different and unique from her usual looks. the funky make up look defines her features in a very different yet amazing way. She is a style icon of the industry and knows very well how to carry the title with all its merits.

She never fails to surprise her viewers and fans by doing something absolutely different every then and now.

We wish Reema Ji all the best for her career and her personal life as well since she is one of those very few who knows how to keep harmony in their personal and professional life.

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