Latest Pictures of Asif Raza Mir with his Family

Asif Raza Mir reached the peak of his career in the 1980s. He has acted in a variety of different Pakistani films.His involvements with the media faded away in the 1990s, but he rose back in 2000’s.

Ahad Raza Mir in 2017, he started auditioning for Hum TV’s production house MD Productions and was cast as a leading role in Yaqeen Ka Safar and a recurring role in Sammi, the latter went into production early but he gained a wider recognition and fame with the former where he played a grief-stricken brother as Dr. Asfand Yaar,alongside Sajjal Ali.


Asif Raza Mir has also acted in various drama serials, such as Main Abdul Qadir Hoon and Ishq Gumshuda. His most popular performance on television, which came in Tanhaiyaan, was one of the reasons for his early success. Apart from acting, Mir is also a businessman, although he says that he has never been able to keep balance between the two.

Asif Raza Mir looks insanely elegant and happy with his beloved wife.

The lifetime bond needs  no words to explain the love and beauty of the relationship. Mr and Mrs.Asif Raza Mir look perfectly adorable together.

Its is ,ind blowing how Mrs.Asif Raza Mir has kept herself maintained and fit even though she herself is not a part of the industry. Her fitness level is goals without a shadow of doubt.

Ahad Raza with his father on the set of his upcoming movie.

The whole Mir family looks just perfect together.

Ahad Raza with his brother and wife to be Sajal.

Awww,, Cuteness overloaded

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