Latest Pictures of Ushna Shah Vacationing in South Africa

So here’s a little bit about Table Mountain in Cape Town. It is THE landmark (they have many). But Table Mountain looks over the entire city, and the entire city surrounds it. It is called table mountain for obvious reasons (it’s flat surface, in the ancient world it used to be a valley).

There are many legends and myths that are connected to it: for example, it was known as “the sleeping giant” since it resembles one (if you squint enough). The people of the land believed the Mountain had powers and could bless them. Anyway back to what it is now: a national park!

You can hike up or take the cable car. It is beautifully preserved, has lovely trails for various levels of hikes, even has a store and a coffee shop (but you won’t find an inkling of trash). Once you take on one of the trails for a lovely stroll (since the mountain has a flat peak), you can come across different wildlife such as porcupines, mongooses, snakes, the rare ghost frog and many more! A MUST visit for everyone. 


That touristy thing where you break in the city by walking around your hotel downtown and take pictures at random spots….⁣ (Cape Town is BEAUTIFUL. More of that to come). ⁣

These pictures are from the beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Home to many species of plants, flowers, trees, birds and other creatures. Watched over by the majestic Table Mountain, it is a treat to be lost in this greenery. If you ever find yourself here, take a nice stroll and explore and make sure to check out the canopy walk, it’s a different world up in the tree tops! ⁣

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