Most Loved Pakistani Dramas of the Year according to Ratings

Most Loved Pakistani Dramas of the Year

Like always Pakistani drama industry is making new records in a great way by producing even realistic dramas along with the best& professional teams. In year 2018, a great number of unforgettable dramas were on aired. It seemed extremely difficult to rate these serials. So, it was decided to leave it to the audience via online balloting. Below are the results of the polling about the dramas that Pakistanis loved the most this year.

Dil Mom KaDiya

As per expected, this unique & full of emotion story took the label for itself for being the most watched & loved drama in 2018. People thoroughly loved the whole team as it was the main feature of this drama that all the characters were almost equally powerful. But NeelamMunir as Ulfat&Yasir Nawaz as Afzal stole the show by their matchless acting skills. People were deeply involved in this drama as if it was their own story which shows that this drama was perfectly flawless in every respect & aspect.


The fight between power & faith, Khaani drama was a fictitious story in itself. The fight for one’s basic rights was the main theme followed by Almighty’s revenge on those who misuse their powers. Sana Javaid as Khaani&Feroze Khan as Mir Haadi performed extremely well & in response the audience loved them like crazy.


IshqTamasha is also amongst one of those dramas which audience rated the best as top six. This is a story that revolves around five characters & manifests how their wrong decisions made their lives worst. The drama also dealt with the crucial aspect of our society that how some elders misuse their influence over their kids & make them do whatever they desire. No episode of this drama was obvious which kept its viewers to keep on waiting anxiously for every single episode.


It was a subtle comedy serial which became the center of attention due to its unique love story between two cousins who were raised together. They somehow got nikahfiedojn the will of their dying grandfather but later on couldn’t cope up due to their different nature. Iqra Aziz as Jia&FarhanSaeed as Arsalwere on their best in this drama. Their chemistry was simply amazing & the viewers loved the way the story kept unfolded in multiple ways.


The still on aired drama Balaa is probably the most unique story in the list of most famous & loved dramas of the year. The leading character Nigar is played by the talented Ushna Shah &Taimur the protagonist of the story &Nigar’s husband as well is played by the heart throbbing Bilal Abbas. The self-centeredNigar is crippled from one leg as well. She is the antagonist of the story & feels no pain in removing anyone away from her life even if it is her own brother & father. She has no feelings for anyone else no matter how close the relation is to her. A very unique feature of this drama is its flashback technique which is really rare these days. Viewers love this drama & are anxiously waiting for the last episode to see the drastic end of the most negative & cunning character of the year ‘Nigar’.

Koi Chand Rakh

Koi Chand Rakhis another still on aired drama & the reason why it is in top six dramas is not only its bewitching cast but a very heart touching story as well. Aiza Khan as Rabail&AreebaHabib as Nishal are first cousins who were raised together since after Rabail’s parents died accidently. She loved Umair performed by Muneeb Butt &Nishal as her siblings in the best way but Umair never accepted her as his sister instead he has different emotions for her. This one-sided love caused Rabail much damage. Nishal never liked Rabail& was always jealous of her & was in a habit of snatching everything away from Rabail on any cost. Imran Abbas as Zain ditches his wife Rabail for Nishal which results in the death of his own father but he doesn’t step back & marries to Nishal secretly. The drama is still to be unfolded its multiple aspects but it’s already in the top dramas list.

2018 introduced us with these amazing stories to learn from & gives us the lesson of making pledge to mend our ways to the best in the coming year by leaving behind all the negativity & bad memories to bring the best human out from ourselves.

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