Pakistani Actors Who Changed Their Name Spellings For Fame

Every other person knows that the celebrities all over the world are habitual of consulting numerologists about whatever they are up to. In this list of superstitious industries, Bollywood stands out at number one as they people are something more than superstitious. Some of their directors, who have still got their brains in the right place, do jeer at this stupidity through their movies.

Sadly enough this trait is not confined to Bollywood only but has also become a part of Pakistani Industry as well. This is taking over the industry in such an annihilating way which is not a good sign for the times to come. The actresses are changing their name spellings for one stupid reason or the other. Here is the list of some such actresses who changed their name spellings only in order to stay in lime light.

From Sonia Hussain to Sonya Hussyn

Sonia Hussain has been working in this field for almost a decade & she is on the top as she went way too far than all the other actors in this list as she changed the spellings in her full name. it can be said without any doubt that this change didn’t affect her career at all. Although in year 2018 she got starred on big screen but this debut on big screen could also not buy her much fame that she always dreamt of.

From Arij Fatima to ArijFatyma

Arij Fatima also has been a part of showbiz industry for quite a time but couldn’t get much recognition in this field. May be some numerologist suggested her to make this change in order to get fame over the night which was the lamest proposition. Although this change in spellingsmade the least difference on her professional career as she remained equally ignored before & after this adjustment.

From Sajal Ali to SajalAly

Most probably this is the only name in this list that has been absolutely famous since the time she joined showbiz. Sajal Ali has been ruling the hearts of millions of people with her charming appearance &splendid acting skills. This change from Sajal Ali to SajalAly makes no sense as she needed it the least. All such celebrities should make such shifts after giving it several thoughts as a number of immature people are following them & any such adaption could make a very big difference in society as well. We can see that Sajal’s fans are giving false justifications for this change & mostly they are the ones who have also made changes in their surnames just to grab attention.

From Ali Khan to Aly Khan

Ali Khan’s change in his name spelling makes no sense as this is the stupidest thing to assume your luck on such false basis. The numerologists like to befool others by giving them such dreams that their names are the reasons why they are kept away from their deserved reputation. Aly is as invisible in the industry as he was in the form of Ali.

From Saboor Ali to Saboor Alee

Saboor is the sister of Sajal& that is the only recognition she has been getting in industry. She also made changes in her name spellings as she might have thought that people will forget her primary recognition & she will become the eye-candy as soon as she makes this change. But all these assumptions gave her nothing but merely a state of being under confident with what she has got naturally including her name.

From UwraHussain to UrwaHocane

Hussain sisters are known to be someone who can do anything or everything under the blue sky to be famous. She has been working in this field for a long time but only one jewel she has got in her pocket that is Udaari. She never gained enough fame in other projects she worked in no matter what. Her beauty & charming looks could also not buy her much fame she always dreamt of.

From MarwaHussain to MarwaHocane

Just like UrwaHussain, Marwa is no exception. In fact she is the one who suggested this change to her elder sister as well. She told in one of her interviews that she made the change from Hussain to Hocane to grab the attention & get somewhere really great.  She also worked in many projects in Pakistan & also worked in a flop buster in Bollywood which she not even agrees on. She claims that she did the best in that movie to make it a super hit but may be the team she was working with wasn’t worthy enough to make it a block buster.

From Humaima Malik to HumaimaMalick

Humaima Malik is the one who has been working in Pakistani Industry for quite a time. She has not given a single super hit drama but only one movie named Bol. She worked in the neighboring country & gave a hit movie there too. Right after returning from there she changed her name from Humaima Malik to HumaimaMalick which favored her nothing more than what she had already earned as an actress. She was seen nowhere the last year & is almost kicked out of the minds of people because if you want to make your name in the list of A-class actresses you have to be steady to stay in touch with your fans.

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