Pakistani Celebrities who are Best Friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed is proverb that is extremely difficult to find true especially in the glamour industry anywhere in the world because of too much competition in there. Still there are some quite blessed celebrities who have found their best friends in the same field. Here is the list of such welcoming celebrities.

Faisal Qureshi & AijazAslam

Faisal Qureshi&AijazAslamare the best & senior actors of Pakistani Drama Industry who are making us feel proud of them even till today. They have done a lot of projects together & are actually the best friends from the time since they joined the industry. They are certainly the example of true friendship which knows no time.

SanamSaeed & SarwatGillani

These two most talented actors of the industry are also very good friends & can be seen together having fun.

Fawad Khan & Ahmad Ali Butt

Ali Ahmed Butt is friends with Fawad since his (fawad’s) very first project. There is a very short number of friendships which can last this much longer as theirs.

Noor Hassan & SaanamChaudhry

This is the couple of shining stars of the industry who is daring enough to express their friendship love openly to each other. Moreover they really look superb together. Many rumors of their getting married were also roaming around but it all ended up with their announcement that they deeply love each other but just like fast friends.

Osman Khalid Butt & Maya Ali

Osman Khalid Butt & Maya Ali have done multiple projects together & are best friends in real life as well. Their relation outside the world of allure is more fascinating indeed.

Sanam Jung & Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas is known as the person with good terms with almost all of his co-actors but Sanam Jung is for sure his best friend he always talks about whenever it comes to friendship. The couple never misses a chance to hangout whenever they are somewhere near.

Sajjal Ali & AhadRaza Mir

Right after giving their very first & the super hit serial together, a number of rumors were there for this beautiful onscreen couple that they were in love with each other. But later on the denial was made from both of them & they claimed to be best friends & denied to be anything more than that.

Agha Ali & Sara Khan

Sara khan &Agha Ali are in limelight for they have indirectly announced it several times that they are going to tie the eternal knot. It is to inform that even before falling in love with each other the two are the best friends who love each other’s company too much that they decided to be together forever.

Mahira Khan & FeehaJamshed

These two super stars are friends from the time even when they were not a part of this bewitching industry. This is something amazing that they are friends till the date.

Maria Wasti & Ayesha Omer

Maria Wasti& Ayesha Omer are big names of Pakistani industry. They are true friends as they can always be seen united whenever some controversy is around the circle. They also post their pictures on their social media accounts whenever they have fun together.

HinaAltaf & MahiBalouch

HinaAltaf is known as best friend of MahiBalouch. They are seen together having fun most of the times which they share on their social media accounts. Both of them have a very strong bonding which makes them look more beautiful when they are together.

Saba Qamar & KiranHaq

This couple of a top class actress Saba Qamar& a hardly known to all KiranHaq is a surprise for many since it looks so good to see such examples in the industry where pride is the basic element once one gets somewhere into showbiz. Saba Qamar shares her joyous moments with her best friend KiranHaq& posts the pictures quite proudly to tell the people that they both are best friends.

Saboor Ali & Amar Khan

The already famous SaboorAly& the new & the most welcoming face Amar Khan have been revealed for their friendship. The pictures both Saboor&Amar shared on Saboor’s birthday are fabulous & say it all about the strong bonding they have.

Yashma Gill & Hamza Malik

Yashma Gill &hamza Malik are celebrity friends who always support each other which is the best form of friendship.

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