Pakistani Celebrities who Remarried after Ending their First Marriage

Divorce, also known as closure of matrimonial life with one person, is the end of a marriage, the abandoning of the lawful responsibilities and obligations of marriage, consequently disbanding the bonds of wedlock concerning a married couple under the rule of law of the certain realm.

In our society divorce is a subject that isglowered upon. Couples are advised to make restitutions over and over again, no trouble how poisonous their relationship is. There is no adoration in termination of wedlock, but if that lock is harmful or peace threatening there is nothing bad in talking about the matter.

Whereasstars have more responsiveness, they are extremely daring to end the wedlock turned into deadlock in no time and choose a better person for themselves to live a better life. There is much to learn in it for our conservative come suppression friendly people.


NomanMasood’s first marriage was with a girl who didn’t belong to the entertainment world. The couple had two sons, but their marriage couldn’t last long. He later tied the knot with former Pakistani actress UroojNasir. The marriage was short-term and ended up in soon. He is now luckily married to SamreenMasood, who chances to work at ARY Digital.


NomanJaved first got married to singer FarihaPervaiz. During their wedlock, Noman was detected with dejection and depression, due to which he even frustrated to commit suicide by taking 50 pills together. In this troublesome period of his life, Fareeha left him and ended the marriage.

He then tied the knot with Jana Malik, which also didn’t work and resulted in the termination of marriage after a very short time.


SarwatGillani firstgot married to Omer Saleem in 2005, but after three years being into the marriage, it ended up in divorce. She is now fortunately married to FahadMirza; a surgeon and well-known actor.


Umer Sharif got married for the first time, with someone not related to the world of showbiz and things couldn’t work along and the couple broke up soon after that. He then tied knot with his co-star ShakilaQureshi, and this marriage also concluded in divorce, in 2005.Umer Sharif again got married for the third time to Zareen Ghazal and two seem to be devouring a happy married life.


Fiza Ali recently disclosed the news of getting married for the third time and also publicized about quitting the showbiz world.


Model-turned-actress Fia Khan struggled hard throughout her life, and marriage was one of them. Fia lately got married to TolgaErken. She has a daughter from her first marriage and now lives in Germany where she has started her new life.

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