Pakistani Dramas Based On True Stories

Below is a list of Pakistani dramas based on true stories. This list consists of recent dramas only. It is not necessary that a writer writes the exact story what he observes in reality but he can also take some basic threads of the real story that can work wonders in the form of drama. Let’s have a look at the list:

Meri Guriya

A recent breath taking play MeriGuriya was a thorough success & is based on real incidents happening every other day in our country. ARY digital on-aired this marvelous drama which gave everyone goose bumps. The little girls being kidnapped & killed after rape was the main story of the drama. Mohsin Abbas Haider played the main role of a serial killer. The cast was super amazing as their acting was matchless. The drama teaches us some basic information about best parenting style if you want to avoid such incidents to happen ever again. The pathetic face of police & some so called old citizens has also been condemned.


Titli is the true story of a girl who loses everything in her life because of her never ending greed & utmost pride.Hania Amir played the leading role.In the real story too the girl is extremely beautiful & rich which naturally makes her to desire for someone just like her but fate plays a totally different role in her life & she gets married to a person whom she don’t thinks even capable of walking with. Ali Abbas played the role of her husband & he did absolute justice with his character. Consequently she doesn’t respect him. Love is something quite far away in this story. The drama dealt with issues faced by people after getting married & the thing that it is based on a true story makes it even relevant & interesting for the viewers.

Ullu Braye Farokht Nahi

It is another serial with the same characteristic. It is absolutely based on truth as almost in most of the rural areas life is far complex for women than one can imagine. This serial underscores the unending oppression on women & also throws lights on how people use or sell women to settle their personal disputes. Another element which is pointed out through the drama is the element of lust for women in men & the greed for wealth in women which makes it more realistic as we hear such incidents very often. The drama has been presented artfully giving food for thought for both the genders.


Every other person knows that what reality was there behind the tragic story of Khaani. Some years ago a young boy named Shahziab Khan was cruelly murdered by a feudal. There was a great movement against his murderers on social media which drew the attention of people from all around the globe &also put the needed pressure on the mum authorities. As a consequence of that pressure they had to break the so called silence & arrested his murderer. Khaani is the same story but it has been presented in a different way to dramatize it. There is a big difference between the real incident &Khaanithat the real story leads us towards pessimism if we see the current plight of that aristocrat being treated VIP in jail while the drama gives us some hope that justice can still be gained if we are true to our cause. Feroze Khan as Mir Haadi& Sana Javeid as Khaani played breath taking roles. Their acting was superb in every regard.


Baaghi is known as the story of a social media sensation QandeelBaloch though its writer doesn’t completely agreed on this point. It is said that the writer only took inspiration from the life of QandeelBaloch& rest of the story was almost of every girl who wants a better life. The drama got fame all over the globe & was mistakenly known as the story of QandeelBaloch. Saba Qamar played the leading role in the drama which made it even amazing.

Pyar e Afzal

PyareAfzal was aired some years ago & was a super hit without a shadow of doubt. This story is also taken from the real life incident but only a thread of real life was converted into a beautifully woven love story by Khalil-ur-Rehman. Afzal named person was the friend of the writer & used to write letters to himself& boast of that some girl used to write him those letters. Once the writer caught him writing those letters & the cat was out the bag. Khalil-Ur-Rehman was advised by one of his friends to weave a splendid story out of this thread which he did to the next level. Hamza Ali Abbasi did justice to his character & made everyone go crazy after him.


Rehaai the first project headed by Kashf Foundation was a massive success due to its story line. It deals with the issue of child marriage & intended to spread awareness in people related to this issue & the major problems that can hurdle the lives of many innocent beings. It is said that the stories taken in this serial were all those which were reported in the foundation.

Sadqy Tumhary

This is the story written by Khalil-ur-Rehman & surprisingly enough this is his own story. It makes sense that why Khalil-ur-rehman always writes tragic stories & mostly don’t let two lovers be one. It takes a lot of courage for a writer to write his own story in every possible way. Viewers loved this story as they always knew that the famous writer had his unique love story which he couldn’t overcome even after the decades have been passed since this happening. Adnan

Mubarak ho beti Hui Hai

Mubarak Ho BetiHuiHai is the story of the writer Faiza Iftikhar. According to the writer the first half of the story is exactly the same as was her mothers. Saima Noor played the leading role & was shown as a specimen of love & purity in the form of a mother. She suffered the worst circumstances throughout her life right after she gave birth to her very first child. It portrays how a great blessing it is to have a girl child. Saima as Naheed has played her role beautifully & proved that a mother can tolerate each & everything for the sake of her child no matter what & how. The drama also teaches others that not having all daughter children does never mean that you are an ill-fated person instead it gives you the real insight of all great emotions be it selfless love be it utmost care be it every positive & good thing.

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