Sajal Aly with her In Laws Mr and Mrs Asif Raza Mir

Sajal Aly with her In Laws Asif raza Mir and Samra Asif Mir.

The onscreen chemistry of Sajal aly and Ahad Raza  has transformed into an offscreen romance. After months of rumours floating around about the two being a couple, Ahad Raza and Sajal Aly got is the recent picture of Sajal Aly with Mr and Mrs Asif Raza Mir.

Bridal Photoshoot of Sajal Aly for Nomi Ansari

Sajal looks absolutely stunning in this bridal dress by Nomi ansari. Her charming and attractive looks have reached to the best in this attire.

Sajal Aly is Looking Awesome in Nomi Ansari Bridal. 

A click of Ahad Raza Mir enjoying himself in the company of nature. This might be a scene from one of his dramas but the beautiful scenery of nature makes it soothing and more catchy to the eyes.

Ahad and Sajal looking thoroughly beautiful and appealing. Sajal dressed in white looks perfectly traditional while Ahad Raza Mir does not look less than a hot cake too. They are the absolute specimen of made for each other as they look insanely cute together.

Some Recent Pictures of the Beautiful Couple. After seeing this picture, the fans of this young couple have pointed their guns at them to get married as soon as possible so that they could see a lot of such pictures full of beauty and love.  

Another beautiful click of the couple

We on the behalf of Sajal and Ahad Raza’s fans, plea them to give us the news of their getting married really soon. we also wish them luck for their personal and professional life both. the audience would also love to watch them working together in more and more projects.

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