Sarfaraz Ahmed with his Wife at Wedding of his Sister In Law

Sarfaraz Ahmed who got another chance to lead Pakistan cricket team.

Recently Sarafaraz’ s  sister in law Zainab got married. Syeda Zainab Aftab Shah is younger sister of Sarfaraz’s wife Syeda Khushbakht Aftab Shah. On 25th august Syeda Khushbakht ‘s sister Zainab got married. Sarfaraz is really close to her in law even in picture we can see that Sarfraz is holding his sister in law’s hand at the time of her Rukhsati.

Sarfaraz is such an amazing and nice human being . He never show anger in public even during world cup  when people criticize him. Sarfaraz has shed 9 kilo grams in this summer season and now he become super fit for Pakistan Cricket team.

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