Super Hit Drama Pakistani Drama Cheekh Review

CHEEKH “the best and the worst face of society”

The concept and storyline of this drama is more than close to the reality. Before this drama was on aired, many rumors were around the corner about this drama being funded by some agenda makers to annihilate the social peace in the country. A YouTube channel that is basically known for revealing facts about certain malpractices going on in the country is misleading the audience by tagging this drama as a movement of women empowerment.

On watching the drama for once or twice, I realized how badly that person is spreading negativity just because we don’t believe in contemplation anymore & follow him so blindly to let him prove us literally blind. This drama is based on such an issue which is always needed to be addressed; attempt to rape resulting in murder to avoid notoriousness in the society.

The protagonist played by the fabulous Saba Qamar is doing Jehad in literal meanings by standing still against all the taboos and mighty personas of the society; be it greedy police officers, be it covetous lawyers or all those who knowingly stay distant from such incidents to avoid any kind of mishap.

My only point is to stop judging about anything by merely watching videos of those who manipulate our brains for no good reason but only to get views to earn to the max level which has nothing to do with us. Instead we should thoroughly support such issues being addressed on national or international level without being biased on the basis of gender. As many women these days are standing against the #METOO movement to prove that we can think about everything in our own way without letting anyone use their woman card for their personal good ruining the cause and hardships faced by the real victims.

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