Ten Things You Were Unaware of About Sanam Baloch

Well! Do you think that being a fan of Sanam Baloch you know everything about her life? It is not so. There are many concealed facets of her personality which were veiled until now.

1: Sanam’s Native Language

Although we all know her from the best ever presented Urdu dramas & her perfection in Urdu could never fail to give us a peep in her native or first language. She belongs to a Sindhi family & her mother tongue is Sindhi. In fact her very first TV appearance was also from a Sindhi show which she hosted on channel KTN.

2: Sanam’s First Project was A Super Hit

It happens to very few actors especially now-a-days to get fame overnight. It looks like a fantasy to most of the new comers in showbiz industry but Sanam had a great luck in this regard too. She acted in a telefilm named ‘Kalak’ as initiative in this industry & as soon as this telefilm got on-aired, she became the hot cake for all the top category directors & producers who wanted her to sign their projects on any cost.

3: Sanam Baloch Comes from a Broken Family

Sanam’s parents separated their ways forever when she was only three. Her mother had to go through a lot to take her children in her custody. It is also told that Sanam didn’t or couldn’t meet her father until she was 13 years old.

4: Sanam Relishes Morning Shows More than Acting

According to her, she finds it easier to do morning shows & be herself rather than being someone else through her marvelous acting skills. She also likes her audience a lot & sharing some bites from the sandwich of her life pleases her more than anything else. Sanam claims that she cannot imagine her life now without her morning show.

5: Sanam’s Marriage to Abdullah Farhatullah was a Haste Decision

Her decision of getting married to Abdullah Farhatullah was made in no time & the only reason behind taking this decision was that they were best friends & thought that the marriage was going to work wonders for them. She actually calls it a decision with not muchthinking into it.

6: Sanam is a Deep-rooted Soul

Since Sanam loved the company of her grandmother, she thinks that she is a bit late in coming to this world. She loves the company of old people which shows her love for her roots. She wished she was born in different or old era.

7: Sanam’s Best Friend is a First-rate Director

Sanam’s best friend is an ace director named HaissamHussain. They have also done many mega projects together.

8: Sanam doesn’t like to be ruled

Sanam comes from a school of thought where people like to live freely with their own intentions swaying their lives. She believes that the life is so precious & is gifted by Almighty just for once. She never wants to waste the beauty of this gift by allowing others to tell her what her do’s& don’ts are. She is a free bird & wants to continue living freely as long as she lives.

9: Sanam’s Ideal Man Should Have These Qualities

The top priority Sanam has set for her ideal man is that he should be a very good human. The second & almost last quality she craves for is that he should be the man who can really keep his words from the very start to the very end. She further claims that these days later quality is hard to find in any man in the world.

10: Sanam is not Afraid of Death

Sanam is the one of very few people who are realistic enough not be afraid of death at all since she believes that after she switches her world, she can meet to many those whom she loved deeply & they have left this world as well.

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